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Privacy Policy

The handling of personal information on the website of INOUE MEKKI INDUSTRY

INOUE MEKKI INDUSTRY ("The Company") considers that the accurate and proper handling of customer's privacy and personal information presented by customers ("personal information") is a part of the foundations of our business activities and social responsibility. The Company will abide by the personal information Protection Policy set forth below.
"Personal information" includes name, age, phone number, e-mail address, address and employer's name. It means the information that can identify customer with one or the combination of these items.

Privacy Policy

  1. At the obtaining, storage, usage and disclosure of customer's personal information, the Company will try not to infringe the right and profit of the customer.
  2. The Company will take appropriate security measures for personal information obtained from customers to avoid leakage loss, modification and stealing of customer's personal information and illegal access to the personal information.
  3. The Company will use customer's personal information to pursue the following objectives only within the necessary range:
    1. To send replies to customer's queries and requests.
    2. To send information material requested by customers.
    3. To make recruitment decision based on the applications from applicants.
    4. To contact with applicants at the time of recruitment.
  4. Except the cases that the Company has received prior consent, we will not provide customer's personal information to the third party. However, we may provide customer's personal information to the third party without receiving prior consent from the customer.
    1. When it is evaluated that it is appropriate for the Company's affiliate company, related company and/or agent to reply to the customer considering the content of inquiry.
    2. At the time of shipment of information requested by customer, when the task is outsourced to a vendor that had sealed an confidential agreement in advance.
    3. Based on laws and regulations.
    4. When it is necessary to protect people's life, health or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent from the customer.
    5. When it is necessary to cooperate with a state organ, a local government or its agent in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and the acquisition of customer's consent will likely impede the execution of the affairs.
  5. The Company will abide by applicable laws and regulations for personal information provided by customers and continuously review and improve the contents of the Personal Information Protection Policy. Along with that, we may revise the Personal Information Protection Policy on the website.

Regarding Cookie

Cookie is the information sent from the web server to customer's browser and save in a hard disk of the customer's computer. The Company may use cookie to customize the website to meet the needs of each customer and to improve the contents of website and services for the better satisfaction of customers. Customers can refuse Cookie and display a warning at the receipt of Cookie using the browser setting. Furthermore, Cookie does not include any information that identifies the specific individual such as customer's name, e-mail address, phone number and address.