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Terms of Use

For the usage of INOUE MEKKI INDUSTRY website

This website is launched and operated by INOUE MEKKI INDUSTRY ("The Company"). Before the usage of the website, please read the Terms of Use thoroughly. Please use the site only when you agree with these conditions.
Moreover, there are cases that the term of use may be revised without advance notice. Please confirm the latest conditions whenever you use the site. In addition some parts of the website are operated by each department of the Company. The website is also linked to other website operated by the Company. Please be aware that you need to agree with the Terms of Use listed in the linked site/page when you use the site/page.


The copyright of the website and contents of associate mails belongs to the Company and the owner of the website. The use, reprinting, modification, change and commercial use of the information shall be refrained.

Regarding Prohibition

At the use of the website, the following actions are prohibited:

  • Act that will or may infringe properties or privacy of the third party and the Company.
  • Act that will or may cause any disadvantages and damage to the third party or the Company.
  • Act that will or may infringe public order and morals.
  • Act that will or may use or provide harmful program such as computer virus.
  • Act that will or may breach law, regulations and rules.
  • Act that the Company evaluates as inappropriate.

Description and Contents

The Company shall not guarantee any of the description and contents of the website. Even when there is a mistake in the description of the website, the Company shall not be held responsible. Please understand in advance that the information in the description of the website may be changed without any prior notice.

Trademarks of Other Companies

Adobe and Adobe logo are the trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Other companies’ company names and product names listed on the website are each company’s logo, brand and registered trademark. In each contents, when there is an individual trademark indicated in the site or there is a link to the specified contents, the priority shall be given to such information.

Linked site

The contents of website linked from the website or linked to the website which operated by the third party, not the Company, are not managed by the Company. Therefore, the Company shall not be held any responsibilities for the damage caused by using the contents of linked site and linked site.


Customer who uses the Company’s website shall undertake the responsibility for the viewing and usage of the website. The Company shall not be held any responsibilities for trouble, damage and loss incurred by viewing and using the website.


As for the inquiry of the website, please use "Contact Us"

Recommended environment

Web browser

The Company is trying to create the website for many customers to view; however, the website is not suitable for every customer’s environment. Here is the environment that the Company recommend to use the website.
・Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
・FireFox 2.0 and above
・Safari 2.0 and above
・FireFox 2.0 and above


The Company’s website includes the contents that require plug-in to comfortably view. Following is the list of plug-in.

Get Adobe Flash Player

Adobe® Flash® Player, you can experience website with animation and entertainment.
We recommend to use Adobe® Flash® Player Ver.6 and above.

Get Adobe Reader

Adobe® Readeris free software to display and print Adobe PDF file.
We recommend to use Adobe® Reader Ver.8 or above.

Recommended display size

1024×768pixel and above