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Molding Division

We precisely develop our own molding and press processing technologies.

It is INOUE's strength that we are capable of producing molds for plastic molding and press processing. We entirely do the development, design to production. We are also capable of pressing soft materials and thick materials which are known to be difficult to press. We can offer sufficient production ability to meet our clients' needs at any levels.

Trusted production lies in our ability to develop sophisticated molding.

We at INOUE utilizes the CAD/CAM system and precision machine tools to produce our unique technology of insert molding and press molding. The true power of INOUE lies in our ability to produce "reliable molds" as our precious asset to realize our further development.

CAD system

CAD system

We make our own original molds by the consistent operation from development, design to production using the CAD/CAM system. We also design and produce our precision jigs and tools.

Molding factory

Molding factory

We make our own molds to improve and accumulate our technology.


Press Division

Precision technology that creates high added value.

While we originally began our business in plating operation, we have recently added press operation which is the process that precedes plating. Since then, we have severely pursued high precision in micron units in press operations as well as plating operations. Above all, we are most adept at pressing small items and non iron metal which are considered difficult to press, and we are confident we have the production capability to meet any customer's needs. We are also proud to have established a solid quality control system, not allowing the manufacture of any defective products in the line from pressing to plating (including a partial plating) and through resin molding using a variety of image processors. Our motto is to attain customer satisfaction through the efficient manufacture of products without waste.

Types of press frame
70t2 units
30t (Precision Press)7units
10t4 units
Features - Ideal for precision press for small items
- Ideal for non-ferrous metal press.
- Continuous and integrated supply to post operations (plating metal, plastic molding and such) after pressing with coiled materials.